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Featured topics in the most recent newsletter:

  • Featured Article: The Employer Mandate
  • HRCast of the Month: Making $1.00 Equal $1.00; Celebrating Women’s History Month
  • HR Tip of the Month: Categorizing Jobs in the Workplace Before Overtime Questions Arise
  • Question & Answer with the HR Pros: Workplace Flair and Required Uniforms:  Who Pays for Damages?
  • Monthly Article: Helping Employees find the Greener Pasture: Your Side of the Fence
  • Tool of the Month: IRS Independent Contractor Checklist

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Archived Newsletters

 ISSUE Feature Article
 Feb 2013Unemployment Hearings: Telephone Hearing Tips
 Jan 2013New Year’s Tips from Your Human Resources Professionals
 Dec 2012Investigate Employee Complaints to Avoid Liability for Employee Wrong-doing
 Nov 2012 Leave of Absense Terminations
 Oct 2012Pay for Holiday Closures?
 Sep 2012“At-Will” Statement vs. National Labor Relations Act
 Aug 2012The Implications of the U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on PPACA for Employers
 Jul 2012The NLRB's Social Media Policy Memorandum
 Jun 2012Unemployed Applicants: The New Protected Class
 May 2012Workplace Political Expressions
 Apr 2012Proactive Prevention Against Workplace Harassment
 Mar 2012The Necessities of a Safety Manual
 Feb 2012Tracking the Hours Worked for Your Exempt Employees
 Jan 2012DOL Enforcement Database Targets Company Profiles