Read about the Impact of IRS Budget Cuts in 2015 by Curtis Tatum, Esq. with the American Payroll Association


  1. Even thugoh…Even thugoh the job losses in December were not only below analyst expectations but dismal, I’m going to present the most favorable employment data I can find today.We have seen this surge in temp jobs which I portray as economic strength when in fact they demonstrate the unwillingness of employers to rehire. It indicates that employers believe any increases in demand for their products is transitory.How is it that the economy loses 85,000 jobs in december yet we have over 2 million people filing NEW claims that month?The answer is that many people apply for unemployment who are ineligible. Many keep trying, hoping someone will make a mistake. The falling number of initial claims doesn’t reflect improving labor market conditions. It reflects ineligible people giving up or not trying.It also reflects more people being ineligible as they take and lose temporary jobs.Thank God thugoh for the Census otherwise it would be even harder to find good news this year.No, Virginia, there is no Santa Clause. You cannot put garland, ornaments, lights, and a star on a DISMAL labor market and call it a recovery.

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